आश्रम गुरुदेव का पवित्र स्थान है। यहाँ पर गुरुशक्तियों का वास है। इसीलिए गुरुदेव ने इस स्थान को ‘श्री गुरुधाम’ बनाने के लिए चुना है।

Guru Tattva Ashrams are the source of collective energy and thousands of visitors across the world experience this divine flow of energy every year. Ashram is a place where people can experience inner-joy in the powerful aura of Shree Guru-Shakti Dham, Shree Mangal Murti, Yagna Shala, Gaushala and Baba Dham.

Shree Guru-Shakti Dham

Guru-Shakti Dham is a divine source for self-realization. Thousands of people from across the world visit this place to be in the presence of powerful positive energies. The purpose of Guru-Shakti Dham is to protect and grow the energies of Shree Mangal Murti and provide a blissful environment for Sadhaks to embark on their journey to self-realization.

Shree Mangal Murti

Shree Mangal Murti is an idol which contains powerful and divine energies of Guru Tattva. During 45 days of Gahan Dhyan Anushthan, Swamiji transfers his life-energies into one idol which later on becomes Shree Mangal Murti. This entire process of transferring life-energies is called ‘Pran-Pratishtha’.
Every year, Swamiji does the Pran-Pratishtha of one Mangal Murti which is later on emplaced in a Guru-Shakti Dham.

Yagna Shala

Yagna Shala is a sacred place to maintain positive energies in the environment and remove negative energies from the surroundings. In each Ashram, Adhikrut or authorised Sadhaks perform Yagna twice a day, every single day to maintain the positive vibrations of the Ashram.
Visitors are also welcome to sit in this Yagna and fill their aura with the positive energies in the divine presence of all 6 elements such as fire, water, wind, space, land and Guru.

Baba Dham

Baba Dham is the residence of Swamiji and Guru Pariwaar. Whenever Swamiji visits Ashram, he stays in Baba Dham, leaving his divine energies behind for the Sevadhari and visitors.


Gaushala is one of the most prominent parts of Guru Tattva Ashram. Swamiji once said, “Gaushala is the driving force behind the growth of Ashram.” Each Ashram has dedicated Gaushala where all Indian cows and bulls are sheltered. Gaumata are fed with nutritious food every day and a dedicated team of Sevadhari takes care of them.
Swamiji personally names each Gaumata and visits them regularly. That’s the reason so many visitors feel the energies of Guru Tattva in Gaushala.

Sadhak Nivaas & Bhojan Shala

Sadhak Nivaas is a residence for the visiting Sadhaks and Sevadhari. When Sadhaks around the world register to stay for some days in the Ashram, they are lodged in Sadhak Nivaas.
Bhojan Shala is the kitchen for the Ashram’s visitors, Sadhaks and Sevadharis. It is run by the Sevadharis and they are guided to cook hygienic meal by Guruma herself.
Whenever a meal is prepared, it is first served to Shree Mangal Murti and then to the visitors, Sadhaks and Sevadhari along with the divine Prasadam of Shree Mangal Murti.

Help in building these Ashrams across the world and be a part of a divine Gurukarya.