आत्मज्ञान और आत्म-अनुभूति से बड़ा और कोई दान नहीं है।

We donate our money for food, clothes, shelter, education but none of these stay forever. The 800-year-old divine wisdom of Guru Tattva is a Sanskar for the soul that lasts even after death. Swamiji is sharing this wisdom with the world free of cost and all of us can contribute towards this global cause through Donation or Daan.

Donate for a Cause

Guru-Shakti Dham Nirmaan

Guru-Shakti Dham is a divine place to contain and grow the energies of Shree Mangal Murti. At present, multiple Guru-Shakti Dhams are being built at different Ashrams. Swamiji once said, “Guru-Shakti Dham will become a centre point for the seekers around the globe and source for the self-realization.”
Let’s become a part of this divine Gurukarya through a voluntary donation.

Ashram Maintenance

Guru Tattva Ashrams are divine places to discover one’s inner-self. All these Ashrams are situated around the world and providing seva to the human kind. While one of the Ashrams is self-sustainable, rest of them require Shram and Dhan-Daan to sustain.
By the grace of Guru, there are hundreds of Sadhaks around the world, ready to donate their valuable time. We heartily invite you for a voluntary donation for Ashram Maintenance.

Gaushala Maintenance

An Ashram cannot sustain and grow without the positive energies of Gaushala. Each Guru Tattva Ashram has a Gaushala where many Gaumata or Indian cows and bulls seek their shelter. These Gaushalas are hygienically cleaned regularly to protect the health of Gaumata. Nutritious food is prepared and fed to these Gaumatas for their overall well-being.
In addition to that, each Gaumata is named by Swamiji himself and many Sadhaks have had positive experiences during their visit to Gaushala.
If not by Shram-Daan, you can always join in this divine Gurukarya of maintaining Gaushala by a voluntary donation.

Donate directly to Swamiji

Although Swamiji never asks for a personal donation, many Sadhaks wish to donate directly to Swamiji. To fulfil their wishes, Swamiji finally agreed to open a bank account where Sadhaks can donate directly. Though these funds are directly credited to Swamiji’s bank account, most of it is used for the global divine Gurukarya only.

If you wish to donate directly to Swamiji, here are the bank details:
Name of the account: XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX
Account No.: XXXXXXX

दान का मकसद गुरुकार्य से जुड़ना है। फिर चाहे आप तन से जुड़े, मन से जुड़े या धन दे कर, आपका गुरुकार्य से जुड़ना महत्वपूर्ण है।

-सदगुरु श्री शिवकृपानंद स्वामीजी

Join through Shram-Daan

To support this global cause, thousands of Sadhaks donate their time. Sadhaks around the world come together for Prachaar Karya or event promotion, Ashram maintenance, Centre maintenance etc.
If not by Dhan-Daan, you can always join in this divine Gurukarya by becoming a volunteer or Sevadhari.

Be a part of Digital Movement

In this digital world, Guru Tattva is bringing a positive change through new-age mediums such as social media and YouTube. While there are hundreds of Sadhaks doing Prachaar Karya physically, you can be a part of this digital Gurukarya by following us on Social Media, subscribing to our channel and sharing Guru Tattva’s content on your social media accounts.

Here are the links to join this digital movement: