आप सिर्फ मुझे दिन के ३० मिनट दान करो और अपेक्षारहित ध्यान करो। बाद में यही ३० मिनट आपका पूरा जीवन परिवर्तित कर देने वाले साबित होंगे।

Daily practice of meditation or Sadhna is the key for spiritual progress. Since Himalayan meditation doesn’t involve any technique, Swamiji has asked to donate 30 minutes of our time every day. Swamiji himself has donated 30 minutes of his time to his Gurus. In these 30 minutes, we just need to meditate without any expectations; Swamiji will do the rest!

Begin your Sadhna

Attend Dhyan Shivir

Dhyan Shivir is a smaller and domestic version of Mahashivir which happens every year. It is the first step towards your inner-journey. In this 8-day-Shivir, attendees are presented with the discourses of earlier Mahashivirs followed by a small knowledge session by the Shivir Sanchalak or Manager to give a gist of the discourse.
Every month, hundreds of 8-day-Shivirs are organized on the same dates by thousands of Sadhaks around the world at no cost. During this time, Swamiji also remains present in these Shivirs through his subtle body.

Attend Events

Guru Tattva events are opportunities to discover our true self in the presence of H. H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji himself. While some of the events can only be attended by those who have been present in the Dhyan Shivir, most of them are open for all!

Visit Ashrams

Guru Tattva Ashrams are the divine places to be in the presence of positive energies. These Ashrams are situated around the world and managed by hundreds of devoted Sadhaks. All human beings are welcome to visit these Ashrams and immerse themselves in the holy vibrations of Shree Mangal Murti and Guru-Shakti Dham.

Become a Volunteer

Guru Tattva is working towards the well-being of all the human beings. As Swamiji says, “Gurukarya is the simplest way to connect with the divine energy of the Guru.” We heartily invite you to forward your spiritual progress by becoming a Sevadhari for this global cause.

Subscribe for Sahitya

Sahitya or literature is the elementary way to stay connected with the energies of Guru Tattva. There is a series of divine books available at Guru Tattva to immerse yourself into the spiritual world of Himalayas such as Himalay Ka Samarpan Yog, Adhyatmik Satya, Maa etc. Apart from books, all the discourses of Swamiji are available to support your daily Sadhna. You can explore all the Sahitya here.
In addition to that, you can also download Gurutattva Application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, which contains all the discourses of Swamiji and Guruma.