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Trip Dates

18th to 24th December 2021

6 Days, 5 Nights

Age Group: 13 to 19 Years

Highlights of the trip

– Nature Exploration
– Hiking
– Riverbank Campfires
– Jungle Safari
– Himalayan Meditation Practise
– Awareness Practise
– Exploring unexplored valleys of Uttarakhand

Maitreya NephadeGandhinagar. Gujarat

Journey to Inner peace Uttarakhand was a life changing experience for me. It was not like any other trip to the mountains, it was incredibly unique in itself. During the trip I learned more and more about myself. My flaws were slowly being worked upon and I found a new version of me. As the name says, it was really a journey towards my Inner Peace, a peace each of us can experience within ourselves.

Ishaan KharadkarShirdi, Maharashtra

A dream come true of eating Maggie in the Himalayas!. The places, the people my mother nature and oh the cold! I have no words to describe how super good it all was. Visiting my guru's abode was a feeling that will forever leave me mesmerized. I LOVED IT.

Raghav PatelAnand, Gujarat

Journey to inner peace is as it is said. Experienced higher state of inner peace. A new interesting way for everyone to experience the inner journey. After this journey my life changed totally. The words are less to share but emotions at it's best. I'm taking this bliss of memories after death for sure. Keep it up team.

Aditi phadnisAurangabad, Maharashtra

Journey to Inner Peace
It was a trip that gave me clarity, a new vision. Every place we visited was extremely beautiful. I felt peaceful within me. The sessions conducted there helped me to become introversive. A very good care was taken of everyone throughout the journey.

Kunal AmburleMumbai, Maharashtra

Initially I was unsure whether to go to Uttarakhand as I don't like travelling that much but the experience was surreal and I also loved travelling. Journey to inner peace was a life changing experience as it help me connect with nature and with myself. Also, this journey made me become a better version of myself as I became more enthusiastic with my day to day life.