Feeling Blessed with Inner Peace being at Dandi Anushtan (Celebration) 2021.

It was 2.30 p.m. & I was sitting in the other room at home when my 12-year-old Son came with the mobile & told me that I had a missed...

It was 2.30 p.m. & I was sitting in the other room at home when my 12-year-old Son came with the mobile & told me that I had a missed call from Dandi Ashram as he had seen the name flashing during the ring, Dipeshji Samarpan Ashram in the true caller. I just realized whether it could be a call related to my application for online Gurukarya that I had submitted a few days back. My mobile was in another room window as signals were poor that day. When I had applied to this Gurukarya a few days back, I had no hopes that I might get a call. However I had already told my children & wife that I have applied so and so & in case I might get a call, I will have to go for 45 days Anushthan thereby giving them time for a mindset. The Anushthan concept was not new to my family being there in Samarpan for quite some time. I had attended Gurupurnima, Chaitanya Mahotsav events many times earlier. Even my Elder Brother and Father in law although not directly connected to Gurutattva ( Himalayan Meditation ) were aware completely that I am attached to this world. I was just thinking to make a call back when a repeat call came from Dandi Ashram & this time I picked It instantly, hurriedly walked out to be in good range to hear from Dandi. The Soft Voice of Dipeshji informed me about a possibility that I may stand a chance to attend the Anushthan & I should prepare for my travel plan to reach 3-4 days in advance. He explained to me other conditions for getting selected. I was overwhelmed with the message of GuruTattva and readily gave an acceptance to all conditions for getting a chance. This was around 10 -12 days before my travel date 22nd Jan. That time 45 days Shibir Anushthan was going on at my home after the latest Online Shibir of Swamiji at GuruTattva conducted between 23rd to 30th Dec 2020. The first time we had kept this Anushthan at my home as due to Covid, all were at Home & there were no immediate plans for any travels, etc. & we could make ourselves available for 45 days straight. When I informed about the call from Dandi to my wife, she initially questioned why I have to go when Anushthan is planned at Home & that Job needs to be completed. She was concerned about the successful completion of the Gurukarya already in hand. I explained to her about my longing for this event for a long time & it is the first time that I am getting this opportunity. It all looked like a planned thing for me.


Earlier I had a plan last year to attend 45 days of Anushthan by taking a break from my job as my inner voice was telling me that nothing is so important than to take that experience once in a lifetime which can be a rare thing for the soul & most important thing for my soul. Later, I had resigned with all calculations ahead way back but even then I was able to attend last year’s Shibir for the last one week only. This time unfortunately Covid had struck as never before Pandemic & all hopes of attending the Anushthan were shattered although I had subconsciously prepared myself for this event by saying no to many in-between jobs offers that would again engage me tightly. The image that I had created in my mind almost a year back came true now & that’s the reason I am here to attend this Unique Anushthan 2021 at Dandi. Anushthan at GuruTattva is unique & no one can plan your attendance except the Guru energies themselves. What do I mean by that?


To Know about what this Anushthan ( Celebration ) Comprises of & what’s so unique about it? Why is it so important than anything else in Life? Stay Tuned

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