Journey from Highway to One’s Home…

I am sure all of you have heard Swamiji tell each one of us that he has taken you at great speed on the spiritual highway and dropped you off…

I am sure all of you have heard Swamiji tell each one of us that he has taken you at great speed on the spiritual highway and dropped you off on the lane to your home! In this day and age, where a shift of consciousness is taking place, quite a few spiritual Gurus in India are shifting gears to ensure that their disciples are ready for the forthcoming new age. We can also see that a lot of foreigners are becoming a part of this movement and joining in the journey to inner peace.

Swamiji plants the seed of self-realisation inside you when you attend one of his 8-days shibirs whether live or through video conferencing or through recorded videos – it does not matter. Swamiji has said many times that Guru Tattva has also upgraded itself from the earlier phase of having a one-on-one relationship between the Guru-disciple. This is the age of one-many relationships where there is one Guru and millions of disciples – all of them are being planted with the seed of self-realisation in a very subtle process on the fourth day of the shibir which is attended by many people. After the seed has been planted the disciple has to regularly meditate for 45 days to check whether this path is for him/her or let go of the practice if it does not suit him/her. If the disciple decides to go on then for the next six months, he/she needs to meditate regularly every day at home and at the centre (at least once a week in collectivity). On doing this the seed planted within becomes a sapling and then over time it becomes a strong banyan tree!

This is the journey from the highway to one’s own home – to reach your own soul, to merge your own existence with that of Paramatma who is within you. This journey from the highway to the home is both divine and filled with obstacles at the same time. For some the journey is short and sweet, for other’s it is long with twists and turns! One needs to overcome a whole gamut of emotions, fight several demons before one becomes comfortable on the journey which takes you home. This is something you have to do yourself – no help is coming your way! It is a very selfish journey – and you have to be selfish if you want to reach that state which is called liberation! The word selfish is used in a positive context – here it means focused, uni-directional, the destination only is visible – just like Arjun could see only the eye of the fish during the Swayamvara – you should only have the objective of achieving that state which is called moksha, everything else is a distraction.

The challenge is doing it while living in society without being affected by all the distractions around you. For that you need samarpan, samarpan and samarpan – with the divine Master’s blessings, over a period of time you will find yourself becoming more and more detached as you come nearer and nearer your goal. I pray that all of us reach our home in this birth itself!




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