Gahan Dhyan Anushthan

45 days of Gahan Sadhna to explore our inner-self!
Opportunity to enhance your spiritual state in a blissful environment of Ashram.

Gahan Dhyan Anushthan is a divine 45-day carnival to explore inner-self in the proximity of Swamiji’s subtle body. During these days, Swamiji isolates himself in his Kutir and goes into deep meditative state to absorb the energies from universal consciousness and channelize it into ‘Shree Mangal Murti’.

Gahan Dhyan Anushthan is a golden period for a Sadhak to progress on a spiritual path with the powerful collectivity of positive souls. During these days, Sadhaks can stay at the Ashrams and do their Sadhna in a blissful environment.

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Glimpse of Gahan Dhyan Anushthan – 2020